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NEW EXHIBITION – HAPP9  – Gallery Sophie
Bob van Dijk – 21st Feb – 31 Mar 2014

After Expressionism, Cubism, Dadaism, Conceptualism, it’s time for OPTIMISM!

… at least, you imagine, that’s what the artist behind this exhibition of this contemporary art is hoping for.
And it might happen, or maybe not, but there is some fantastic work to display.

Bob van Dijk’s breezy and colorful art carry a brilliant treat of optimism and energy. Fusion of graphic design and illustrations together making high art. Brilliant.

Bob van Dijk creates a new way of thinking about making art! This graphic designer and creator of many national and international brands is showing a vibrant selection of works that will for sure bring a doze of optimism in your life!

21st Feb – 31 Mar 2014
Gallery Sophie, Paviljoensgracht 70, The Hague

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